"I have the benefit of being connected to myself…and my sister."

Hey, now. What ya say, now ‘bout to put it down. Yeah you want to ride with the Rae now - and the future looks great, now. And everything’s gonna change, now let’s rock; here we go!

ten women i have been warned against becoming: horror ladies

The Beautiful One, the long hair or the slim waist or the pretty eyes or the lips like bowstrings. This woman looks good in everything because she’s confident in whatever you put her in. She’ll cut her hair short on you no matter how you like it, she’ll wear high heels and step on your opinions, she’ll look hot as hell no matter what size she is. See, the reason you can’t trust her is because women like this don’t need your permission, they’ll do as they please and get away with it. They’ll say no to you, over and over. Teach your daughters that beautiful means dangerous, teach them to distrust women who love themselves. Equate beautiful with vapid, equate pretty with stupid, take their power from them. Say they’re vain for their makeup, refuse to see them without it. These women are snakes, they are serpents. I said maybe the problem lies with you being unable to control yourself and was told to get off my pedestal. “

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Fairy tales… You’re a bit too old to be filling your head with such nonsense.

El Laberinto del Fauno, 2006 | Guillermo del Toro.


scott mccall + being a perf pack dad